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Dirty Dancing vs. The Little Mermaid

Remember The Little Mermaid? Ariel finds her life dull and wishes to be part of the human world. She eventually gives up her tale and voice to be with her love. Hmm, isn’t this similar to Dirty Dancing? There is most definitely a connection to the story of The Little Mermaid

Baby finds life (and her vacation) dull, but wishes to hang out with the cool entertainment team. She falls in love and gives up a part of her past to learn to dance. In the end for both stories, the men leave, break the women’s hearts, but Dirty Dancing has a happier ending (not going to spoil it!). 

It’s always fun finding parallels in things we watch and read to our own experiences or other things we’ve seen. Thanks for tuning in over the past few days to read about some movie-fairy tale parallels. I better get some popcorn ready for my next batch of movies.

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