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Movie Review: 1917

Today is Remembrance Day, a day we remember those who bravely fought for our country during war. It was only fitting to watch the movie 1917 today. A British war film, produced by Sam Mendes, depicting real events on April 6, 1917. Although the characters in the movie were fictional, the events from that day inspired the movie and the filmmakers done a great job with historical accuracy in the filming. 

As viewers, we learn what it was really like during World War I trench warfare, and the emotions, dangers, and traumas of war. It was quite difficult to watch the actors trample over dead bodies on their dangerous trek across No Man’s Land to deliver a handwritten note to a commanding officer Colonel Mackenzie, ordering them to cancel a planned attack on Germans who have retreated to the Hindenburg Line in northern France.

If you’re looking for a movie to introduce the history of World War I, this one would be a good start. 


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