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Songs for Us with Ryan Walker

Ryan Walker‘s latest release, ‘Songs for Us,’ is a 6-track EP featuring a beautiful love story through song. This EP was released on November 4th where 5 of the tracks featured collabs with other artists. It’s a collection that displays Ryan’s uncanny ability to successfully merge each artists’ unique style to create pure musical magic. And that’s exactly how I felt when listening to this EPmagical.

The chill vibes that radiate from the songs makes this EP perfect to wind down to after a long day at work. I honestly found myself escaping into a feeling of bliss when listening to ‘Songs for Us’that same feeling I usually get when I listen to K-drama soundtracks.

The EP starts off with ‘Melancholy Waves,’ which eloquently captures the journey of self-reflection. This song mixes a slight upbeat tempo with soft chord progressions, and a catchy melody. Definitely my favourite in this EP. 

I’m curious if Ryan was being meticulous on the storytelling component in his EP or if it was just pure coincidence. If you listen to the tracks in order, you feel like you’re walking through someone’s journey that ends perfectly with ‘always forever.’ Coincidence or not, it was definitely well done.

Check out ‘Songs for Us’ today by adding this EP to your playlist. I highly recommend checking out some of Ryan’s other songs from his discography, like ‘Songs for Her.’

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