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Movie Review: Crazy Rich Asians

So I read the trilogy earlier this year and blogged about the novel, which this movie is based on, back in May.  Being an Asian, watching this movie, you totally understand all the stereotypes and comments because you either gone through it yourself OR you’ve seen similar scenes in other Asian films.

Although the storyline is the classic rich guy meets poor girl and wants to marry her, but his family disapproves, this one has a bit of a twist. I enjoyed the humour in the movie, especially the witty flare of Rachel’s old college friend, Peik Lin. 

This movie serves as a friendly reminder that you shouldn’t judge someone by what they wear or their family background, but their heart. If we do what’s best for those we love, we will always do the right thing. A fun movie with good laughs, but I think Asians who grow up in North America would appreciate it more than others. I wonder if they’ll make two more movies to go along with the novel series.


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