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Knowledge is power

There’s a saying that goes, we learn something new every day.

Knowledge = Power

Knowledge imbues us with authority, enabling us to act and interact with others. With modern technology, the good news is that knowledge is virtually unlimited because there are endless amounts through the Internet. Unfortunately, the limiting factor in acquiring all of this knowledge is you.

Thomas Friedman had a theory called the Curiosity Quotient (CQ), which explains that our thirst for knowledge relates to how hungry our mind is.

Are you constantly seeking new material to enrich your mind? Or are you fine with the status quo?

It’s not just enough to acquire knowledge. You have to apply it too! Knowledge gives you an exponential return, which is why curiosity is important. Curiosity makes you invest more in knowledge. 

Let me remind everyone that you are never too old to learn something new. There is always room for improvement and it’s okay to think outside the box.

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