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Lil Peter with Tasche Laine

Coming in the November 2021 edition of ‘Hold On,’ author Tasche Laine will be featured and she’ll share her story about how she became an author. To gear up for the release of her candid interview, I wanted to share with everyone one of my favourite books written by her. 

This book, ‘Get Up, Lil Peter. Get Up!‘  was written by Tasche and her husband, Peter Valdez. What I really liked about this book was that it’s great for kids to encourage them to get back up when things get tough.

In this story, Lil Peter has trouble expressing his feelings and doesn’t know how to handle failure, which frustrates him. When Grandpa stays with his family for the summer, Lil Peter discovers there’s more to life than whether he wins or loses the games they play. I encourage everyone with young children to get a copy of this book as it’s an excellent teaching tool for learning how to overcome adversity for kids.

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