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To celebrate the week before Halloween, I will be discussing some common fears that are related to the holiday. Today I discuss the fear of spiders, which is called arachnophobia.

Arachnophobia is one of the most common fears. For many, just seeing a spider causes some people to become anxious. You may never love spiders, but it’s important to learn how to deal with your anxiety. 

Getting over your fear of spiders is a process that should begin by acquiring more knowledge about spiders and their nature. Typically, people are afraid of what they don’t know, which leads to misconceptions driving their fears. The next step is gradually exposing yourself to it, which honestly is the most crucial step. If you don’t face your fears, it’ll haunt you for the rest of your life. Look at pictures of spiders, and then get a fake one that looks realistic. Interacting with spiders will eventually help you confront the real thing. Eventually, let a small spider crawl on your hand. 

Remember, it’s not necessary for you to be completely comfortable with spiders (including those super hairy tarantulas), but the ultimate goal is to develop some tolerance, however little, so that the fear is no longer debilitating. Don’t let your fears control your life. Take action to tackle your fears so they don’t limit you in future situations.

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