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What’s the fuss over Michelin Stars?

When you’ve debated on where to go for a meal, you might have seen the words Michelin star be thrown around. They’re essentially a way for diners to establish how esteemed a restaurant is. The more stars somewhere has, the higher the quality of the food. But, what exactly does it take to earn one of these esteemed stars though? Are Michelin star restaurants really that amazing?

Just because a restaurant earns multiple stars, doesn’t mean they have rare ingredients. While you likely will encounter unique dishes that use ingredients that are not typically on menus for ‘regular’ restaurants, it is fresh produce that’s high in quality that matters when it comes to receiving the stars. After all, the food should speak for itself.

Michelin starred chefs don’t merely throw quality produce together and hope it pays off. They find the right combination of textures and flavours to make sure they blend well together. 

Plus, Michelin stars are also rewarded if the chef is known for their strong personalities, which is exhibited in the dishes they create. The biggest chefs in the business tend to alter the personality of their dishes depending on who it is they’re cooking for. 

I had the opportunity to dine at a few of these Michelin star restaurants and there were times when I was amazed while other times I wasn’t so impressed. Frankly, I think it comes down to your own taste buds, however, if a place has Michelin stars, it means that they do have a standard when it comes to quality, which is quite important when it comes to dining. 

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