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The story of leukemia patient Zoe

A story like this one about a three-year-old girl named Zoe shows us that there is hope for humanity and hope for finding a cure for cancer.

Back in February last year, Zoe from Atlanta, Georgia was diagnosed with leukemia. Since she was immuno-compromised, doctors did not clear her to go trick-or-treating on Halloween with all the other kids. Her parents decided to put up a sign to keep other kids away to ensure that their daughter wouldn’t be upset about missing out on Halloween festivities.

The sign read: “Sorry, no candy. Child with cancer. See you next year!”

Zoe’s mother admits that the whole purpose was just so that they wouldn’t have to keep telling the kids ‘sorry’ and disappoint them. However, something unexpected happened.

Who would have known that those little ghouls in the community were such saints. Children in the community saw that sign and interpreted it differently. Rather than turning away from their house, hundreds of kids left their candy for Zoe at the foot of the sign. Their security video footage showed kid after kid making the same decision to leave their candy, and many of them made that decision on their own.

Seeing the kindness of strangers to do something that would bring joy to someone suffering inspires hope to everyone.

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