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The story of Susan Leichter

Last Halloween, I read about a breast cancer survivor named Susan Leichter, who in 2019 was undergoing her fourth round of chemotherapy during Halloween.

Despite going through treatment, Susan was determined to decorate her yard for the holiday. She saw Halloween as something that motivated her to get up and do something because chemotherapy completely worn her down.

A year after in 2020, Susan celebrated Halloween cancer free. She received the good news in April 2020 from her doctors, informing her that there was no evidence of breast cancer.

As a child, Halloween was something she always enjoyed, and especially after her cancer battle, it is something she hopes to continue enjoying as she enters her fifties.

If you ever have a chance to visit Susan’s house, you’ll discover that her decorations are both fun and spooky. Her house features hundreds of decorations, including a creepy babysitter sitting under the porch in the backyard and a skeleton on a horse. Susan offers an interactive experience for her visitors and found that planning for Halloween helped take her mind off of her battle with cancer back in 2019.

When you’re diagnosed with cancer, treatments can be extremely draining and you begin to forget the fun things in life. There’s no better way to get your mind off of things than to plan for a holiday. For Susan, it was Halloween.

Sometimes, distractions are welcomed during times of uncertainty.

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