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Rain with Andy Quan

Andy Quan’s instrumental music is truly different compared to other instrumental music I’ve listened to in the past. The smooth and relaxing vibes of his bass and guitar has been my go-to resource whenever I’m feeling down or need something to cheer me up. His music tells a story that connects with the listener to let them know that you’re not alone (almost like ‘hey, I understand how you’re feeling’), but at the same time change your mindset to see things in a new perspective (this is the ‘hey, everything is going to be alright’ part of the song). 

Now the song ‘Rain‘ has been my go-to song during my month of solitude. I was grieving the lost of a close childhood friend and there were so many days when I felt like the rain.

It was through Andy’s music that I realized how rain is something very special and doesn’t just represent something sad. Rain gives life and helps things grow. Without rain, we would not have trees, spring, green grass, or food. Rain may make the sky all dreary, and sometimes it makes us feel like we want to cry, but rain, can also be something good. I get into this idea of seeing things in life in different perspectives to get the most out of everything and rain is another example of this idea. Check out this beautiful song that will make you love the rain and understand the beauty of this natural weather event.

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