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The story of Lily Lecinana

Halloween 2019 was one to remember for 10-year-old Lily Lecinana from Sooke, BC. On a day that’s supposed to be dedicated for scares and screams, Lily decided to use the opportunity to dress up as a way to say thank you to the staff at BC Children’s Hospital.

Lily, who was undergoing rigorous cancer treatment since April 2019, decided to honour her oncologist by dressing as her for Halloween. This was no surprise to Lily’s mother since her daughter’s oncologist has gone above and beyond in caring for her since she arrived at the hospital.

When her mother asked Lily what she wanted to dress up as for Halloween, she told her mom that she wanted to emulate a person who is making a huge impact in her life. So, she grabbed a white lab coat, got a blonde wig, glasses, and a stethoscope to mimic Dr. Ciele Wachnian.

Diagnosed with stage-four Burkitt lymphoma in 2019, and since April was unable to return home to Vancouver Island, Dr. Wachnian made sure Lily felt as though she was at home despite having to stay at the hospital indefinitely.

Like so many families facing a pediatric cancer diagnosis, it’s not easy seeing a young child go through cancer treatment. However, seeing how a fun celebration like Halloween can bring so much joy to the cancer ward in BC Children’s Hospital definitely puts a smile on your face. Plus, this story does have some good news.

Lily finally was strong enough to leave the hospital in November 2019 and underwent six rounds of chemotherapy. Today, she is in remission and is even a huge cancer advocate too in her local community.

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