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Hold On Magazine: Upcoming Changes

I’ve decided to take a new approach to build my platform after evaluating six-months into my journey. The beauty about being an indie author is that it’s okay to be (and admit to be) experimenting. Essentially, that is what the past six-months have been—experimenting to discover what works and what doesn’t.

After looking more carefully into the numbers, I realized my readership for my digital magazine is quite low. I have not discovered how to reach a wider audience and feel that I could use my time more wisely to expand my authorship career. 

Further, although I love putting together this digital magazine, gathering information from special guests in a timely manner is also an arduous task. I failed to account for this when originally planning for a monthly magazine. Content is hard to come by and I want to ensure I’m still providing quality with everything I release to my viewers.

Due to the unforeseen challenge, I’ve decided to change my direction for ‘Hold On.’ Starting this month, my magazine will focus mainly on stories of hope from the news and offer some inspirational thoughts related to the month’s theme. Author or musician full-length features will no longer be my core focus. 

Additionally, so I can dedicate more time to writing my next book series, my magazine will be released quarterly starting in 2022. They will be seasonal releases so, for instance, a winter edition and spring edition. I’ll still send out monthly updates with some inspirational content to my newsletter subscribers, but this new release schedule will align better with everything. I hope those who normally follow my magazine will understand and still continue to follow.

There’s a saying that goes: failure is part of learning. If we don’t fail, then we can’t grow. Although I don’t feel changing my digital magazine is necessarily a sign of failure, this serves as a friendly reminder that quality over quantity is key to many things in life. Thank you everyone for your unwavering support and patience as I grow as an author.

Interested in reading this edition of ‘Hold On‘? Check out this month’s edition of my digital magazine by signing up here.

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