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October 2021 edition of ‘Hold On’

September was a quiet month for me. To put it eloquently, imagine a small leaf that fell from a tree being whisked away by the wind in various directions. Some days the leaf will blow west, other days east, but the pattern was never predictable. I felt like that leaf throughout September because life happened.

October marks the month of Halloween. In this edition, I will share Halloween-inspired cancer stories of hope and talk about some scary and sweet things in life.

This will be the first edition without a full-length feature of a musician or artist. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances that I’ll discuss in this edition, my digital magazine will undergo some changes over the next few months. Also, it will eventually transition to follow a quarterly release schedule in the new year. I’ll still be sending monthly newsletters with some inspirational content, but this release schedule for my magazine will align better with my ability to gather quality content. I hope everyone understands my decision.


Final thoughts

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