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Missing the trails

With school resumed for my son, it’s a lot harder to find time to enjoy the bike trails. We discovered the rail trails this year and explored several of them during the summer. What I really enjoy about these trails is that the terrain is relatively flat and the area is quite scenic. Also, since these trails are mainly for bikers, there’s less foot traffic so we don’t need to worry about weaving around pedestrians. 

Going for a bike ride is good for your heart and muscles, and personally, I quite enjoy this sporting activity. I’ve never been someone who really enjoyed hanging out at gyms, so going on bike rides have been a great way to get some physical activity. 

Plus, cycling improves the overall function in your lower body and strengthens your leg muscles without overstressing them. Although I cannot be certain that my legs actually feel stronger, what I can confirm is that after riding over the summer, we can travel a further distance across the same amount of time, meaning that our endurance has improved greatly. I’m sure if I go on longer hikes nowadays, my leg muscles would have been trained from biking to last longer before feeling tired. 

I’m hoping to squeeze in a bike ride or two before it gets too chilly in the fall. Maybe a bike daytrip on a weekend to enjoy fall colours before the bikes are packed away until the spring. 

Have you ever tried biking in the winter? I’ve seen a few people on bikes with a light dusting of snow on the ground. I always worried that it’ll be rather slippery and dangerous to bike while snowing. I have no plans to test that theory, but there’s always a first time for everything.

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