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Breeze City with Andy Quan

Breeze City‘ is Andy Quan‘s third EP, released with @tsunami_soundz, and this two-track album is the perfect addition to your beach playlist. Andy, who was featured in the June 2021 edition of my digital magazine, ‘Hold On,’ continues to release well-written tracks that highlight his smooth guitar rifts and energy.

Andy enjoys spending time in Albany, a small country town just four hours south of Perth. Albany is home to beautiful ocean views and was where his two songs, ‘Seaside Roads’ and ‘Sand Temples’ was born.

Personally, my favourite is ‘Sand Temples’ because of the energetic funk guitar and very positive vibe. The layering effect is pretty awesome and there’s this unique summer groovy atmosphere that radiates from the entire album. Although ‘Seaside Roads’ is much more laid-back, it’s the perfect song for just cruising along the shore. I can totally envision that when listening to Andy’s song. His strong storytelling skills using music comes out again with this release.

Check out Andy’s latest EP ‘Breeze City‘ today.

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