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Trajectory with Greg Balkwill

Author Greg Balkwill is a Canadian author who recently got his book ‘Trajectory‘ stocked in the largest independent bookstore in British Columbia, Mosaic Books. 

As a Certified Sales Professional (CSP) with 4 decades of selling, sales management, coaching and mentoring experience and success, Greg’s 40 years in the sales arena has proven that once your selling skills are well polished you can sell anything. 

In his book, Greg invites you to follow his journey from a 9 year old boy selling lawn care services along the path to becoming a highly successful Sales Professional. His story is candid and transparent as he shares many humorous stories, including what worked and what failed. 

I really enjoyed how this book was written. My favourite sections were the ‘Balktalks’ where Greg teaches you knowledge from the sales industry to develop your 6-pack in selling skills.

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