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Just Ask Doris: September Q&A

Today is the ‘Just Ask Doris‘ event on Instagram. Below I answer a few questions that I received. 

Miss the event? Make sure to mark your calendars so you’ll be ready to submit your questions for the next event on October 13th. 

Q: What is your favourite type of writing?

A: It’s hard to choose just one. I really like narrative writing (like what you find in short stories) because it’s a lot of fun developing characters. However, I also really enjoy expository writing (like what you find in textbooks) since knowing that you can explain something clearly is quite rewarding.

Q: Where do you like to go biking?

A: I love biking with my family, but I prefer paths that are scenic, not too busy, and relatively flat. I tried mountain biking once and let’s just say that the experience didn’t end too well. I really enjoy the Ontario Rail Trails, which are former rail beds that have been turned into trail-ways. Since they used to be railway tracks, they are relatively flat. Plus, these trails are mainly used for bikers, so there aren’t too many pedestrians that you’ll pump into. When I bike in the city, I sometimes find it dangerous being surrounded by so many cars and pedestrians. That’s the reason why we prefer going biking along these trails since it’s easier to bike with less obstacles in the way. The best part about the Ontario Rail Trails is the scenery. As you ride along the trail, you’ll see ponds, corn fields, and forests. Our top Rail Trails are in Omemee, Cookstown, and Uxbridge.  

Q: Has someone close to you been impacted by cancer? 

A: My grandma, who is 98 years old now, was diagnosed with breast cancer in her 70s. It was really hard understanding the situation at the time because I was a lot younger then and she was living in Vancouver (while I was in Toronto). Fortunately, she survived the ordeal and is relatively healthy given her age. However, it was really scary seeing someone you love get really sick and feeling helpless because you didn’t know what you could do to show your support.

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