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Book Quote: Ch 21 on baldness

“My baldness may have encapsulated cancer’s realities of life and death, but it also promoted strength, empowerment, and beauty for anyone battling cancer. It was a part of me.” ~ Ch. 21 of ‘Hold on please, Emily’

Unfortunately, many who go through cancer treatment like radiation and chemotherapy end up losing their hair in the process. Cancer takes so much from youyour physical strength, your mental energy, and sometimes even your friends and dreams. And if that wasn’t enough, cancer takes your hair too. 

Losing your hair can greatly affect your confidence and to some, make them feel like a victim of cancer. However, I truly believe it is how you look at the situation. In my novel, ‘Hold on please, Emily,’ I speak about baldness in a different perspective. Being bald as a result of cancer treatment can also symbolize one’s strength and beauty. It shows that they are a warrior and putting up a fight to beat it. Bald can be beautiful too. Check out my novel to read more of these inspirational quotes.

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