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The Story Behind Yacobus

Fitriyadi Kusdinata, who goes by the name Yacobus after he was baptized, is living a miracle after being diagnosed with glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) in 2002. Yacobus reached out to me on Instagram back in July and I was intrigued with his willingness to share his story. 

In this edition of ‘Hold On,‘ I had the privilege to interview Yacobus and ask him some difficult questions about his diagnosis, treatment, and recovery. Through it all, his biggest life lesson is the discovery of the power of hope, faith, and family.

Final thoughts

For anyone who wants to learn more about GBM, feel free to connect with Yacobus via Instagram. Yacobus is a pleasure to talk to and always willing to answer anyone’s questions on GBM because he truly believes that his experiences can inspire hope to other GBM patients. 

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