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The Story Behind Dr. Anne Merrem

When you hear the name Dr. Anne Merrem, many may not know about her background in the film industry. She is a successful assistant professor at the University of West Georgia (UWG) for the Department of Sport Management, Wellness, and Physical Education, and holds a Ph.D. in Sports Pedagogy.

Anne and I met through a book; I was her proofreader for an athlete’s essential guide called ‘Train Your Mind to Train Your Body,’ which she wrote for athletes who wanted to gain an edge in training and competition. Anne started out as Arnold Schwarzenegger’s mom’s English teachera position she earned from her Master’s degree in Educationand eventually, Arnold’s assistant on large film projects in Hollywood. Eventually, she decided to pursue her doctorate degree, which led to her current position and success in the mental fitness department. 

Final thoughts

For all those Dr. Merrem fans out there, feel free to reach out to her via email

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