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Who is Tom McGregor?

Last month, I shared a behind the scenes story about Aunt Brenna. This month, I’m going to share with you a story about Emily’s dad, Tom McGregor. So, who exactly is Emily’s dad? 

Tom McGregor who worked under the pseudonym, Roger Mot (which was a portion of his name flipped backwards). He’s a music legend from Calgary with a knack for catching hidden talent in young musicians. He opened up a music school to help young prodigies discover their talent. All of his students got accepted to the top music school in the world, Académie de Musique de Paris (AMP).

Emily’s dad was naturally talented and played over a dozen instruments in his career. The reason for Tom working under a pseudonym was because he wanted to keep his private life separate from his work life.

Check out my novel, ‘Hold on please, Emily,’ to read Tom’s story and find out how he influenced Emily’s love for music.

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