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Let’s help Kromatix_ reach 100

We did it! Kromatix_ challenge complete. Back on August 15th, Kromatix_ released his first EP, ‘Thoughts & Afflictions,’ and being huge Kromatix_ fans, he gave us a challenge to see if we (my son & I) can make a paragraph containing the titles of the 7 songs in his album. Kromatix_’s latest album ‘Thoughts & Afflictions‘ is very impressive. Everything from the singing to overall sound and vibe is outstanding, so definitely check it out.

Earlier this week, we came up with a mini story that included all 12 songs in his discography. It was a lot of fun to put together and we are so excited to share this with everyone.

Let's 'Show U Off' Kromatix_

Ayejuswana tell you something. Don’t roll your eyes at me. I know what you’re thinking! Please don’t waste my time talking about fruit-loops or debating on whether cheerios are a better breakfast option. Stop living in the past! Right? 

Well, this story has nothing to do with cereal, just one of those awkward situations we experience as first year students in chemistry class. Remember the time when you mixed bleach and vinegar while Prof Thompson was going through the dos and don’ts in the chem lab? Kudos for causing the most epic chemical reaction at Stansville Academy. 

Prof Thompson’s face was pure cerulean when Principal Rutters came in to see the aftermath. They probably thought we came to class high on something. It was Monday morning, just after a long weekend, so I can’t blame them for making those assumptions. Little do they know, your high is overrated and so is my ego. Prof Thompson hates it when I get too creative in class. Then again, I’m always blinded by your shine since you’re the mastermind behind every prank we ever pulled on Prof Thompson. 

We followed Principal Rutters to his office and tried to downplay the situation. Playing dumb was the only way out of this mess, so we blamed Prof Thompson for not teaching us the chemical properties of these two substances. Nothing else matters when it comes to rebelling against authority. 

My dad used to tell me that if you are passionate about something, things will work out if you’re persistent. So, I took that into action today. Well, that’s hope, that’s love, right? If you love what you do. Hope for the best. No one ever said imagination and curiosity didn’t come with a price. 

Luckily, Principal Rutters bought our elaborate excuse. We even got Prof Thompson in trouble for poorly educating his students. You were brilliant making reference to Thomas Edison and how he destroyed two rooms in his house through trial and error that lead to the discovery of the incandescent lightbulb. I don’t think that was even true and he bought it. I have to bring you around more and show u off. Thanks bud for having my back and always getting us out of trouble.

Ah, the life of rebellion is tough. Good thing I have a friend that always has my back. Nothing takes you back like these thoughts and afflictions. 

Final thoughts

To celebrate, we created a music compilation IG reel to express our gratitude to Kromatix_ for the awesome music. Kromatix_ and I created the accompanying novel soundtrack, ‘Songs of Hope,’ together back in May and I’m extremely excited about the possibilities of creating a music video or even more music with him in the future. 

Follow Kromatix_ on Instagram and subscribe to his YouTube channel to get the latest updates. Let’s help him reach 100 subscribers! Stream his entire collection on Spotify and get excited about soul music. 

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