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Completed the 30-day social media challenge

Today I can finally back away from social media and hibernate for a week. Nah, just kidding. But, at least I don’t have to feel pressured to make sure I post once a day on Instagram.

This 30-day social media challenge was tough. There were so many days when I struggled to think of content that was different and almost missed posting before midnight. I went on three day biking trips during this 30-day challenge and was exhausted coming back. Those were the days I almost missed posting.

Plus, recording some of the IG reels took ridiculously a tremendous amount of time. Though, they were a lot of fun to put together. I hope everyone enjoyed the reels, and creative posts. 

Is it better to post daily on social media?

So, did posting consistently on social media and using a distinct style and group of tags help to improve engagement? Yes! 

I had a lot more engagement and gained followers during the past 30-days. But keeping up at this pace is very tiring, so after today, I don’t think I can continue posting daily (maybe 3 times a week?). 

I’m still testing out ideal post times, but noticed that reels perform better in the evenings while posts perform better during the day. Maybe that was just a coincidence.

I’ve been keeping up with these grid posts, but they are so time consuming. The biggest problem is that you can’t just post whatever randomly comes up on your mind. Instead, you need to strategically think about how that post will be visually displayed on your wall. Especially if you’re slowly building a picture, you sometimes need to delay certain posts because you haven’t finished creating the grid image. Though, the wall does look more appealing and tells the story better of what your platform represents.

I started off my 30-day challenge with a bulletin board of memes, quotes, and themes. Then, I tried some trending book challenges. 

Following those reels, I had a 3-row message about facing your fears and never giving up. I tried something new afterwards by getting onto the trending bandwagon again. Ended up recording two ‘questions I get asked’ videos and summarized my life in 27 photos using the ‘Swing Lynn‘ song. 

I finished up my 30-days of posting with some music quotes and reels to showcase the novel soundtrack component of my work. The reason why I decided to go with these musical posts was because Kromatix_ recently released his first album, ‘Thoughts & Afflictions‘ and since we teamed up together to create our novel soundtrack, this was a nice way to also help promote his work.

Check out my Instagram wall to see the posts and reels. Follow for the latest and comment below if there’s something you’ll like to see on my Instagram wall in the future. I’m always opened to suggestions. Check out our novel soundtrack on Spotify, add our music to your playlists, and get inspired.

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