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Thoughts & Afflictions

It’s official! The clock just hit midnight and that meant that Kromatix_’s very first album, ‘Thoughts & Afflictions,’ is now live.

My son and I marked this date on our calendars and were eagerly anticipating this because we are huge Kromatix_ fans. I let my son stay up for Kromatix_’s big career milestone moment so we could celebrate together with him.

We listened to all 7 of his awesome songs (in order) to hear the story behind Kromatix_’s ‘Thoughts & Afflictions’ on his life journey.

This album highlights Kromatix_’s uncanny ability to create songs with different styles and his superb songwriting abilities. Kromatix_ has a nice mix between dancing, upbeat vibes (like ‘Ayejuswana‘) and slower, calming vibes (like ‘Cerulean‘). We really loved how we got a chance to hear songs by Kromatix_ that were different from his other releases, but still had his signature touches like the echo effect (which we nicknamed ‘Triple Matthew Effect’).

Honestly, no matter which song you listen to, every track has very meaningful lyrics. I was quite impressed with how he cleverly used metaphors and polar opposites in his song ‘Chemical Reaction,’ or puns in his song ‘Boulevard‘ when he made references to avenues. 

My son and I actually play a song lyrics game with songs on our mutual playlist. The songs on this playlist are those that we both enjoy, and of course, every one of Kromatix_’s songs are on there. Whenever there are moments during our day that really match a song lyric or verse from one of these songs, we would slide it into our conversation and see if the other would catch it. A perfect example would be when my son comes home with an excellent report card and waves it in the air proudly saying, “I want to show you off, just a little, just a little” (from the lyrics of ‘Show U Off‘). Another example would be when I’m really tired and the next morning if I don’t hear my alarm, my son will come in to wake me up to hear me say, “I can’t get out of bed, I’m paralyzed” (from the lyrics of ‘Your High is Overrated‘). It’s a fun game to play with your kids and friends if you have similar music tastes.

So, today, we received a challenge from Kromatix_, which is to see if we can use all the song titles from his latest album to form a mini paragraph. We got 5 out of the 7 so far, but this may be tough with some of the song titles only working with certain phrases. The super tough one that even got me stumped is how to use the word “cerulean” in a sentence that matches the theme of our paragraph. Hmm…

If we complete this challenge, you’ll be hearing from us. But until then, check out Kromatix_’s latest album ‘Thoughts & Afflictions‘ to discover how “even something beautiful can fall into pieces.” This is an awesome piece of work and I’m super proud of Kromatix_. 

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