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Getting on the Trending Bandwagon

Okay, so I finally got onto the #TrendingReels bandwagon by creating my own versions of the #QuestionsIGetAsked reel and the #27PhotosChallenge reel. 

Reels have been so much fun to watch and my son suggested that I should get on the bandwagon and have some fun. So, I created three posts this week about my author life, my life story, and my editor life. You can check them out on Instagram.

The add 27 photos and let them sync to the bymcnab audio was a difficult one to make because the software I typically use to create my videos has a restriction of 1 sec per frame. The audio flips through the 27 photos a lot faster than that, so I had to make some tweaks afterwards before posting. Also, collecting 27 photos that summarizes my life took longer than expected too. I actually had no idea how little photos I had of just me in them. I guess I like taking group photos. Though, it was a lot of fun reminiscing about these memories.

As for the reels on questions I get asked, well that one was quite fun to create because I do get some very interesting questions. However, recording the video with the hand motions to match the ‘Magic Bomb (extended mix)‘ audio by Hoang Read took a lot more takes than expected. 

I hope to create more fun reels in the future and hopefully with more practice will be much better (and faster) in creating them. Enjoy!

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