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Tokyo Summer Olympics Games

After being postponed one year due to COVID-19, the Tokyo Olympics opened on July 23rd, marking the official start of the Summer Games. Today is the closing ceremonies and it was awesome to see Canada win 24 medals with 7 gold, 6 silver, and 11 bronze!

This year, the Games are taking place under unusual circumstances with no fans in attendance and for the first time in history, winning athletes experience a self-serve medal ceremony, hanging their medals around their own neck. The Tokyo Games will definitely be the most memorable in recent years.

My most memorable summer Canadian Olympic moment was watching Penny Oleksiak, at only 16-years of age, win 4 medals (one goal, one silver, and two bronze) in her Oympic swimming debut at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. She became Canada’s youngest gold medallist when she tied for gold with American Simone Manuel in record time in the 100m freestyle. However, when Penny became Canada’s most decorated Olympian with her 7th career Olympic medal on July 31st this Toyko Games, that news definitely topped everything.

Hope you enjoyed the Tokyo Games and cheered for your country in this global sporting event. 

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