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Off with those pesky biters

In recent years, Mason jars have grown in popularity as the most commonly used object in DIY projects ranging from piggy banks, candle holders, and cups for cold beverages. Why? Because mason jars are both chic and vintage—creativity at its best!

Google “DIY Mason jar ideas,” and you’re bound to find endless possibilities. Being a mom of a young child, DIY is THE ONLY way to spark creativity without burning a hole in your pocket. What is one thing that that most people complain about during the summer? Pests. Whether it’s weeds or mosquitoes, these “pests” are just nuisances, despite being an utterly unavoidable force of nature. So, what if there was a way to tackle mosquitoes without spraying a bunch of chemicals onto your body? Welcome essential oils, citrus, and floating tea light candles, plus the glorious Mason jar.

To make one of these bug-free zones, grab yourself a Mason jar, some slices of lemon or lime, and essential oils (like cedarwood and lavender). You’re welcome to use whatever combination of essential oils that you find pleasant for your nose. Add some sprigs of fresh rosemary to a ¾ full jar of water, and top it off with a floating tea light candle. Voila! Set it outside and light it to watch the magic happen. You’ve just made your own DIY citronella candle to repel those pesky mosquitoes.

If someone has any advice to tackle the other type of pests (weeds in my garden), please send me a message today. I really don’t understand how anyone can say that gardening is “fun.”

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