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The Story Behind Solomon Alber

Californian budding saxophone star, Solomon Alber, is not your typical jazz musician. Residing in San Francisco, Solomon has devoted his life to the pursuit of gaining a deeper knowledge and understanding of music.

I was honoured to connect with Solomon through Kromatix_ who couldn’t stop raving about this world-class saxophonist. Solomon learned about my novel and accompanying novel soundtrack when I launched back in May. I was excited to interview Solomon as he’s the first musician who read my work.

For me, the part that stood out in Solomon’s Instagram profile was that he was a Berklee graduate. Many ‘Hold on please, Emily’ readers are unaware that Berklee was the real-life school that inspired the setting for my novel. It was the protagonist, Emily, who wanted early acceptance into a school as prestigious as Berklee. As an author, you are constantly in awe when you meet people who resemble your fictional characters. On a side note, the parallels between Solomon and my novel are unreal.

Final thoughts

For all those Solomon Alber fans out there, make sure to follow him on Instagram and subscribe to his YouTube channel to get the latest updates. 

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