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The Story Behind Kristi Shimada

Born in Seattle, Washington, Kristi Shimada is a children’s book author that has made her mark in the literature world. To this date, Kristi is the author of five (and soon six) published books, including ‘Mariko and the Magic Mirror,’ ‘The Samurai’s Gift,’ and ‘Princess Serafina and the Mystical Unicorn.’ 

I met Kristi through Self-Publishing School (SPS) when she wrote her first Princess Serafina book earlier this year. It was an honour to interview Kristi for this edition of ‘Hold On.

Children’s books are actually my favourite genre because I enjoy turning the pages to colourful illustrations that brilliantly interconnect each word on the page. However, since children’s books are much shorter than novels, being a children’s book writer is actually more complicated than writing for an older audience. Kudos to Kristi for already having five published books under her belt!

Final thoughts

For all those Kristi Shimada fans out there, make sure to follow her on Instagram or check out her website to get the latest updates. 

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