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August 2021 edition of ‘Hold On’

July has been a month of learning and self-reflection. The journey of self-improvement is an ongoing process of constant learning where we evaluate our strengths and weaknesses to grow as an individual. No matter your age, whenever you are presented with opportunities to grow, be receptive and prioritize them because you can achieve great growth by developing any one of your skills—even ones that you are already good at.

July 30th marked my 90-days post-launch milestone for ‘Hold on please, Emily.’ I had the privilege of participating in Self-Publishing School’s Full-Time Author Challenge where I learned that the ideal approach to market a book is to follow a 5-year plan. So, I guess the journey for my debut novel just begun.

In this edition, we get advice from a children’s book author (Kristi Shimada) and talented saxophonist (Solomon Alber) who are both experts in seizing opportunities. 

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