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H.O.P.E. 90-Days Post-Launch

The first 90 days are crucial to success for any job, so is it the same for books? On July 30th, I celebrated my 90-days post-launch. So, was my book launch a success or a flop?

Hold on please, Emily‘ started strong throughout May (30-days post-launch), receiving the honour of #1 Bestseller on Amazon for six categories. In the following month (60-days post-launch), I received a surge in paperback book sales. I even donated all my book proceeds in June to Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada to celebrate Team #HoldOnPleaseEmily’s very first Brain Tumour Walk.

Unfortunately, the heat in July has been slowing things down, so should I be concerned about my global mission of spreading hope? After taking several intensive training courses to learn the inside scoop of becoming a full-time author in July, I feel that I’m heading in the right direction. My current push for learning and development will help me grow my author’s platform in the coming weeks.

To celebrate my 90-days of being a published author, let me share some reviews from my readers on ‘Hold on please, Emily.’ Thank you to everyone who read my book and left a review. If you haven’t got your copy yet, check out my book here

A powerful story for a great cause ~ Read M Books

“First, I love that Ms. Siu is drawing awareness to cancer for teens and helping them deal with sickness, grief, and loss. I believe she’s even donating a portion of the proceeds to a brain tumour foundation in Canada! Way to go! Siu tackles a tough subject head on (no pun intended) and delivers a bittersweet story of love and loss.

This sweet story of Emily and Max is told with humor and vulnerability, as music is interwoven throughout the fabric of the words on the pages. Music is absolutely great medicine! It heals the soul, mends a broken heart, and transcends time. Max and Emily are both passionate about music, and maybe each other–read the story to find out!”

Very well written ~ Ted

“The author draws you into the character’s story with descriptions that make you feel like you are right there. Suspenseful. Great perspectives on life. A book I would read again. I got the kindle version but will buy the hard copy of this one for my book collection.”

Amazing story ~ Batoul Ajlouni, Author of 'Ditching Success?'

“Wow. What a great book. Love it! One of those page turners you just cannot put down. A must read for so many of us, who in this day and age of cancer spread have been, unfortunately, one way or another affected by it.”

All the feels ~ GrumpyOne

“I don’t often write reviews but felt compelled to put words together for this excellent book that made me laugh, cry, and feel all the emotions in between. Once I’d started, I couldn’t put it down. I maybe fell a little in love with Max too. My words might not be as eloquent as the author’s, so pick up a cup of coffee (you are going to want one) then pick up this book. Enjoy.”

You won't want to put this down ~ Greg Balkwill, Author of 'Trajectory'

“I ‘never’ read novels and haven’t since high school but was so very happy I read this book. The author is so talented and creative. This story has it all—friendship, real-life challenges, lots of coffee, music, and then the thrilling finale. I hope this author continues to write either new novels or a series. So talented!”

Powerful & emotional story ~ DC

“A powerful and emotional story of love and friendship (as well as coffee and music!) Emily MacGregor has so much to deal with in her young life and learns, as she goes through her struggles, what is most important in her life.”

Very engaging ~ David Faagau, Author of 'Secret Service Agent Jon'

“Have you ever started reading a book and found yourself not wanting to stop reading? That’s what this book was for me. I not only was reading it with my eyes and understanding it with my mind but this book totally engaged my heart. Once I started reading it I didn’t want to stop. I found myself always wanting to continue to the next chapter to find out what happens next.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who has brain cancer or knows someone who has brain cancer. I especially recommend it to anyone who knows a young person dealing with brain cancer or any type of cancer. Lastly I recommend it to people who wants to gain a better understanding of brain cancer and how it not only affects the individual but everyone around them.

Music plays a huge role in this book. “Where words fail, music speaks” was one takeaway for me. I remember reading that and saying to myself “Yes, that is very true.” I play the acoustic guitar and sing and let me assure you, ‘Where words fail, music speaks.’”

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