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You won’t waste your time with this track

Today, Kromatix_ dropped a new single, ‘Don’t Waste My Time,’ which is a track off his upcoming EP to be released later in August. 

This song involved several familiar names, including Adam Simmons, the founder of Ignited Learning, which is the music school who provides my son with piano lessons. Adam performed the guitar parts in this song. 

There’s a really nice vibe in this song and, no pun intended, but you really won’t waste your time listening to this track. There’s a nice mix in the beats and as always, Matthew’s voice is outstanding.

Did you know that the designer for this cover is the same designer who produced his cover art for ‘Show U Off‘ and ‘Fruit-Loops‘? Anna Maria is the name of this talented graphic designer. She is also a collage artist too. Check out her Instagram page to see some samples from her extensive portfolio.

Make sure to listen to ‘Don’t Waste My Time,’ and get excited about Kromatix_’s upcoming EP release.

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