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It’s all worth it

When I released my novel back in May, I dreamed that my message of spreading hope will connect with someone and encourage them to reach out and join my mission. I’ve received many messages of praise for my writing, but have yet to meet someone who wanted to share their survivorship story because they felt inspired after reading my content.

Today I received that dream message from a random person on Instagram named Yacobus. I say random because it was unexpected. Yacobus wasn’t someone I knew previously, a mailing list subscriber, or following any of my current followers. He told me that he’s a glioblastoma survivor and wanted to help in my mission of spreading hope by sharing his story. 

After a few email exchanges, I asked if Yacobus was interested in being featured in my digital magazine. He was thrilled about the opportunity.

Honestly, I thought this day would not come until a long time later. It means so much that I can help someone share their survivorship story to inspire others to believe in hope. 

I look forward to writing a feature on Yacobus for the September edition of ‘Hold On.’ This will be a great survivorship story, so make sure to sign up today to get your copy to read the article. It will be available on September 1st.

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