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Travel Journal: Fogo Island

In 2016, I went on an Eastern Canada road trip with my family, and probably the most memorable moment was visiting Fogo Island in Newfoundland.

Fogo Island is home to one of the most exclusive and remote hotels there is, Fogo Island Inn, where actress Gwyneth Paltrow shared Instagram posts about her visit that very quickly went viral. Many celebrities come to Fogo Island not just for its scenery, but also because of Brimstone Head.

Brimstone Head is promoted as one of the four corners of the flat world according to the Flat Earth Society. So, for those flat earth enthusiasts, you must get your picture taken at the infamous sign.

Unfortunately, the hotel was out of our budget, starting at over $2000 per night for 2-people. We ended up toughing it out in our tents. 

So, what else happened?

Want to know how we got to Fogo Island and what we saw when we first arrived? It was like a scene from a horror film. Check out the July edition of ‘Hold On‘ to read the entire story from my travel journal. If you haven’t signed up for my newsletter yet, you can get access to read my digital magazine here.

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