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Movie Review: Sponge Out of Water

Now, when I was a lot younger, my brother and I would watch YTV after school and one of the shows was SpongeBob. Honestly, the whole story of SpongeBob is strange. I mean, there’s a city under the sea that seems almost like a satire of humanity and consumerism. They have fast food giants that resemble McDonald’s and the character are extremist that exaggerate specific character traits. SpongeBob is overly optimistic while Squidward is overly pessimistic. Mr. Krabs is overly cheap and Patrick, well, he’s Patrick.

However strange this show may be, what makes it so popular is the characters and just the fact that things are so wacky with all the oddball antics. 

This movie was just like the TV shows, but surprisingly, I actually thought this movie had a pretty good storyline. SpongeBob and friends set off on a wild adventure to save his pet snail Gary. It focuses on the bond of friendship and the importance of believing in yourself to come out on top. Obviously, like any SpongeBob show, you can’t get away without the signature cast crackles and sugar-high energy. But, the visual gags and banter were gleefully silly and the irony and jokes were comically smug. 


SpongeBob isn’t for everyone, but if you like things that are wacky, then this movie is for you.



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