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Team #HoldOnPleaseEmily’s First #BrainTumourWalk

Sunday, June 27 – Walk Day marked the first event for Team #HoldOnPleaseEmily where all members walked on June 27th to raise awareness for brain tumours in support of Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada (BTFC).

I walked with my family at Tommy Thompson Park in Toronto where I carried my book, ‘Hold on please, Emily,’ proudly and got all my steps while wearing my BTFC exclusive socks from Amy.

While walking, I blasted Kromatix_‘s latest release, ‘Your High Is Overrated,’ and other walk approved songs by artists like Andy QuanBritney JonesZach Saunders, and Matthew Winkler.

There were 475 teams participating this year for the virtual Brain Tumour Walk and our team (Team #HoldOnPleaseEmily) fundraised a total of $651.42. The national fundraising total was just over $1.45 million.

I made two donations on Walk Day. One donation was all my book proceeds to date to my new fundraising page. The second donation was on behalf of my family as a thank you to BTFC for organizing this event.

A special thanks to co-captain Kromatix_ for putting together an awareness video using our song, ‘Nothing Else Matters‘ to showcase our team members. You can check out this awareness video here of some of the members of Team #HoldOnPleaseEmily participating for the event. Thank you everyone for submitting your photos and videos. We really appreciate your support in this cause.

If you’re interested in making a donation to BTFC, you can check out my new fundraising page here. Thank you to everyone who donated and participated in the event. I look forward to next year’s Brain Tumour Walk: it’ll be the 40th anniversary of BTFC too.

Thank you Team #HoldOnPleaseEmily

Here are some of the wonderful members of our team. What makes our team unique is that we aren’t just a team made up of members locally here in Toronto. We are made up of supporters from across the globe who support our mission to bring hope to the brain tumour and cancer communities. 

A special thanks to Ana, founder of A Flashback LLC, for posting on Walk Day using the hashtag #BrainTumourWalk. A.M.A. Horticulture sponsored that hashtag for the event where they donated 27 cents every time that hashtag was used today. 

Final Thoughts

Check out the July edition of ‘Hold On‘ to read more about the Brain Tumour Walk and to find out what my highlight of the day was. Don’t forget to check out the opening ceremonies on BTFC’s YouTube channel: you may see a familiar face. You can find someone familiar If you haven’t signed up for my newsletter yet, you can get access to read my digital magazine here

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