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Movie Review: Aquaman

I love superheroes, but why I was so excited about this movie was to see Jason Momoa, and how DC was going to modernize this superhero. You see, Aquaman’s skills have always seemed a bit simplistic compared to his fellow DC superhero friends. That’s because his powers weren’t really impressive even though it is cool to be able to talk to sea creatures. 

The classic Aquaman was portrayed as the Aryan-looking Atlantean in green-and-orange spandex. But in this version of Aquaman, that image was replaced with a bare-chested Hawaiian super-stud with long, shaggy surfer hair and all-over tribal tattoos. This is a very different Aquaman than what we grew up with. Plus, that trident was a lot more powerful compared to what I was used to watching in the original cartoons.

To be honest, the story at the beginning was really slow, but if you are willing to sit through it, the movie finally takes off towards the last quarter of the film. The directors spent too much time on the backstory of Atlantis, which was nice to learn about, but really took away from the entire movie. Though, the ending was worth the wait, so it didn’t turn out to be too bad of a movie. The part that I thought was the most intriguing was how the director inverted the usual superhero movie formula by investing most of their creative energy into the ending rather than the origin-story stretch upfront. 

Although Emily McGregor is a huge Jason Momoa fan and would watch Aquaman 100+ times, the trailers for the movie seemed cooler than the actual film, which was a bit disappointing.


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