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Instagram Wall Revitalization

I am blessed to be surrounded by like-minded, driven, and passionate people who are “always on the grind.” Not everyone understands what ‘3 a.m. inspiration’ feels like.

In this circle of friends are two people #HoldOnPleaseEmily fans are familiar with: Kromatix_ and Andy Quan. Both of these talented artists have been true supporters of my work; few would receive such a title as ‘the ultimate cure for writer’s block.’

Kromatix_ and Andy are my source of inspiration behind my newly transformed Instagram profile. With both of their help, I removed the clutter that once was widespread on my page. Now, my displays are eye-catching with many hidden messages. I combined Andy’s grid posts idea with Kromatix_’s theme idea. This is the result.

Social media has always been a challenge for me, and even to this day, I’m still learning. However, as I continue to seek advice from my two social media gurus, I am positive that there’ll be more engaging posts to come.

Also, I am extremely grateful for their friendship and willingness to share knowledge or bounce off ideas. It’s hard finding people who genuinely support your work and want to see you succeed, so I’m really thankful for meeting them.

Check out their instagram profiles here: Kromatix_ and Andy Quan.

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