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Phase 2 of H.O.P.E. Campaign

My #HoldOnPleaseEmily campaign is about raising awareness for brain tumours and cancer while and bringing hope to those impacted. Apart from finding more ways to donate funds to support the cause, it’s also important to give members of the brain cancer and cancer communities “something to hold on to” by celebrating their stories.

This next phase of our campaign will focus on cancer in general. Many people have been impacted by cancer at some point in their lifetime. People often share their cancer stories with family, but why should we share them with everyone?

Sharing stories with others is HOPE! It acknowledges that we are never alone in this battle because we are supported by others walking similar paths. We build empathy and compassion. Also, sharing your cancer story makes us fear a little less and grow a little more.

To celebrate the lives of those impacted by cancer, I will be creating a music video with Kromatix_ to highlight the stories of these brave individuals through photos and videos. Let’s give everyone “something to hold on to.”

If you would like to submit a photo or video to be included in our music videos for ‘Songs of Hope,’ please send me an email.  You can also tag me with #HoldOnPleaseEmiIy. Please provide us with a caption that includes the names of those in the photo or video and the type of cancer. If you would like, you are welcome to share your story with me too. I’ll be glad to have the opportunity to help you spread hope to others.

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