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Who is Max Miller?

Last month, I shared a behind the scenes story about Emily McGregor. This month, I’m going to share with you a story about Max Miller. So, who exactly is this mysterious musical wonder? 

Max is an incredibly talented guitarist that resembles the skill level of Jimi Hendrix. He is supposed to represent all the musicians who were natural-born talents, but their gifts were never nurtured or they were never given the chance to showcase their talents. There are several celebrities who’ve made it big when they were a lot older, like Sheryl Crow (who didn’t reach mainstream success until she was 31 years old) and John Ondrasik aka Five for Fighting (who didn’t become famous until he was 35 years old with the hit “Superman”).


The relationship between Emily and Max symbolizes the power of friendship and love, and how sometimes a little bit of coffee can go a long way.

Check out my novel, ‘Hold on please, Emily,’ to read Max’s story and fall in love with this character as you learn about the impact of cancer to a patient’s closest friends.

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