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Need a ‘New Bed’ this summer?

Today Matthew Winkler releases a song called ‘New Bed‘ featuring Kromatix_. This song is part of his upcoming EP titled ‘Summer.’ This song is a bit different compared to many songs on Matthew Winkler’s discography as he typically creates music in the country and folk genre. 

I was introduced to Matthew Winkler through Kromatix_ and thought this song was a fun way to merge the two styles of these two artists. There’s a music video that will be released soon for this single, so make sure to check out Matthew Winkler’s YouTube channel for the latest. Rumour has it that it’s going to have a fun groovy retro feel. 

Stream ‘New Bed’ on Spotify and check out Matthew Winkler’s other releases too. Follow him on Instagram to get the latest updates.

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