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The Story Behind Andy Quan

Meet Andy Quan, a musician from Perth, Australia, who loves expressing emotions through instrumental chill-hop, lo-fi hip-hop music. Andy grew up listening to niche bands and artists who often wrote songs without lyrics.

Although Andy claims that he doesn’t read much, his melodic and beat-driven music encompasses diverse energy levels, like the rollercoaster of emotions in realistic fiction. Andy uses instrumental music for storytelling; his latest EP, ‘grey,’ released on May 19th, is the epitome of his incredible storytelling ability.

grey‘ is Andy’s second EP—a four-track project—that he describes as his most definitive music by far. What makes this EP unique is the somber instrumentation as he emphasizes the emotional journey of coping with mental health and grief. 

Watch for this upcoming star from the land down under who puts Hans Christian Andersen’s words (“Where words fail, music speaks”) to the test with his guitar.

Final thoughts

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