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Cat or dog person?

Why is it always cat or dog? Nobody ever asks if you’re a fish person or a bird person, even though these pets are popular too. Honestly, I’m a rabbit person, but that’s just me. 

The reason why cats and dogs are the most popular choice of pets is because these are the pets that are the most playful and seen as ‘friendly’ to many children. Like with any relationship, people like to engage and cats or dogs are animals you can take for a walk or play in the house with. Dogs can play fetch. Cats can chase a laser pointer. But more importantly, these pets balance the household.

Growing up, I never had a pet. Okay, I actually did have a mini fish tank for about a year, but I never really spent time with them apart from feeding it. Cats typically have more independent, unique personalities and therefore need less attention than dogs. Dogs are energetic companions and need to be fed and walked daily. However, whether you’re a pet lover or not, the reason why they balance the household is that they are loyal companions that never talk back and always add a spark of positivity to anyone’s mood. Essentially, they fulfill our human need to nurture and care for others. 

When we’re living alone, many turn to pets to give them companionship. When you have a family, many turn to pets to help them relax and sometimes even talk to them when they feel like nobody else in the house understands. Pets satisfy our needs that other household members may not be able to give us. This same philosophy applies to any pet, but the popularity of these two animals makes for a good comparison. 

If I had to choose one, I’ll probably go with the cat because knowing my busy lifestyle, I can’t guarantee that I’ll have time (or the energy) to keep up with a dog. Plus, I’ll feel bad if I’m neglecting it that sort of love that it needs. 


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