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Product Review: The Remarkable

Do you find that you’re using too much paper? Taking notes daily and wondering if there’s a better way to organize everything? Do you find yourself spending too much time typing up your notes so that the information you’ve written is on the computer?

Well, I have a solution. The Remarkable is my ultimate writing weapon. I love this product and use it all the time for brainstorming, taking notes in meetings, doodling, and writing down those random bursts of inspiration. Ever since I started writing my novel, I have random ideas that pop up and scribble them down on a sticky note. But that sticky note is easily misplaced or it becomes a mess with regards to organization. The Remarkable easily sorts your notes and can even convert your handwritten notes to typed up notes too. You can send your notes to your email so you have a copy off the device, and you can easily upload PDFs and highlight or take notes on top of it. It’s basically like real paper, but saves you from having to print everything out all the time.

This device was a major lifesaver when my son started virtual school due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It was insane how many sheets of paper he had to print out for math and social studies. Rather than printing out all the math pages, I would save the teacher’s document as a PDF and upload it onto my Remarkable. Then, my son can easily write his answers in the spaces provided like it was real paper. Then, I would download a copy with his written answers from the device and upload it to submit. It was really that simple and Mother Nature is thankful for it too. 

To learn more about the Remarkable, click here

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