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The ultimate cookie recipe

I am in search for the ultimate cookie recipe. Okay, classic parenting activity with your kids is baking and there’s always a scene in family movies with the mom or dad making cookies with the kids.

Honestly, I never grew up with freshly baked cookies, so I didn’t know this was a classic childhood activity. 

So, in the parent shoes now, I gave it a try and failed miserably. My cookies were so tough and weren’t gooey and chewie like how they make them sound in the movies. I eventually resorted to Pillsbury to continue this tradition of baking cookies with your children. Though, even those didn’t taste that good. I eventually leveled up in my baking game and figured out a decent recipe when my son was 5, but am still in search of the ultimate cookie recipe.

I remember eating triple chocolate chip cookies when I was younger. They were store bought from a bakery, but they were absolutely delicious. That shop unfortunately closed down and I never remembered the name. My only memory was enjoying them with my dad and picking them up with him in a quaint neighbourhood. 

Cookies are a childhood classic, but I prefer eating them over baking them.

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