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My first podcast!

An exciting announcement! I just finished my first podcast interview with Ana Lederhos for her podcast, ‘DNA Through the Senses.’ My podcast interview will be released live on May 31st. 

Ana reached out back in April when I was gathering material for my inaugural edition of ‘Hold On.’ That’s when she suggested that when she returns home from her travels, we should set up an interview since she really loved my book and I would fit perfectly in the arts component of her podcast since I’m a Canadian author. 

I was thrilled with the invite and since this was my very first one as a published author, I was also nervous too. I had no idea how podcasts were setup. Was it live? Was it pre-recorded? What kind of questions will they ask? How should I prepare?

Today, at 1 pm, Ana and I had a Zoom meet and she went through the procedure before she started recording our conversation. She had some great questions, some that threw me off, like the one about deleted scenes in my book, ‘Hold on please, Emily.’ What I loved most about the interview was that she included some fun questions about Canada. Since her podcast aims to tell her family’s travel tale through North America, we had a discussion on some Canadian highlights, like poutine. Being a potato lover, that was such a fun question to talk about. I’m not going to spoil it all, but make sure to tune in on May 31st to listen to my interview on Ana’s podcast.

Ana's backstory

Ana plans to travel from Texas, across the United States, into Alaska through Canada, and then back down to explore Canada, before returning to the US and home. She will be traveling for a year with her family in a RV. The most beautiful part about her podcast is that she involves her family. She sometimes interviews her husband or even have her kids do the intro or closing for her podcast. It’s always fun to have the whole family on board. Ana’s podcast explores the food, culture, sound, and history of North America’s natural wilderness. Make sure to follow her adventure by checking out her blog

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