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#TurnMayGrey with Andy Quan

Andy Quan is a guitarist and bassist from Australia who released his second EP today, titled ‘grey.’ Andy’s latest EP is the epitome of his incredible storytelling ability and contains four tracks. 

Andy describes ‘grey‘ as his most definitive music by far. What makes this EP unique is the somber instrumentation as he emphasizes the emotional journey of coping with mental health and grief. Andy’s music reflects a difficult period of his life; the somber use of soft piano, strings, and guitar combined with slow and comforting hip-hop beats, represent the emotion he experienced during that time.

Andy hopes that his songs in grey would resonate with others going through anxiety, grief, and adversity to help them escape from their realities momentarily. Life happens, but we should all recognize that it’s okay to be sad sometimes—after all, we are all human.

Check out ‘grey‘ today by streaming it on Spotify. The four tracks are ‘storms,’ ‘leaves,’ ‘karma,’ and ‘resolve.’ The song that resonates with me the most is ‘leaves‘ and I have to admit, I’m starting to enjoy instrumental music again. Andy Quan has really awesome music and I encourage everyone to check out his discography.

Let’s #TurnMayGrey by listening to this EP.

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