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Book Quote: Ch 1 on promises

“We are the promises that we keep.” ~ Ch. 1 of ‘Hold on please, Emily’

Promises can easily be broken, but we should do our best to keep every one of them, especially the promises we make to ourselves. There are going to be times when our promises force us to hide things from others as we slightly watch from the shadows. It’s almost like we have to wear a pair of sunglasses even in the dark. No matter how many promises you make, remember to stay true to your heart when you make them. That way, you don’t necessarily need to remember that you made them because you would naturally want to follow suit anyways. Whenever we break a promise, we actually hurt ourselves because the promises we keep present our morals and values (our identity), so be true to yourself and stay true to your words. Check out my novel to read more of these inspirational quotes.

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