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Discover the wonders of A Flashback LLC Photography

One of my fellow author friends, Ana Lederhos, has her own photography company, called ‘A Flashback LLC‘ and upon discovering her website, I was astonished with how beautiful her photography is. 

Ana’s photos capture nature at its best. Her wide collection includes scenic landscapes, closeups of magnificently colourful flowers, insects, wildlife, and birds. My favourite is actually the picture above. I love how Ana captured this butterfly on the pink flowers with its wings wide opened. She also framed the photo well to draw attention to the butterfly and with the background blurred, it really highlights the softness too.

If you’re looking for some nature photography to decorate your walls, check out her shop to purchase one of her prints. I’ve always loved taking photos as a way to capture memories, but Ana does more than that. She captures emotion in her photos and she does such a great job adding to her collection whenever she travels. I had the privilege of chatting with Ana to learn more about her company. She also invited me as a guest to her podcast, ‘DNA Through the Senses,’ which I will be interviewed later this month to celebrate Brain Tumour Awareness Month. I told Ana that many of her images symbolize hope and I am amazed at how skilled she is with the camera. There was one picture of a feather on sand and a flying pelican that I thought were perfect examples. 


Ana’s vision is to change the surroundings in your day to day life through nature photography. She hopes to get everyone, including her family, to fall in love with nature and inspire us to go out into the wilderness and explore. Ana will be happy to know that my family loves the great outdoors and we hope to have a few adventures over the summer this year. Visit Ana’s website to learn more about her photography company here

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